First Few Days in Linz

Hello everyone! Sorry it took me so long to update everyone on things happening with my trip.

I arrived in Linz on Friday and since then have been very busy every day with friends. Traveling here went surprisingly well! Knowing my luck, I expected my bags to get lost or some terrible thing like that. But nope!

The first flight was on Thursday from Saint Louis to Newark, New Jersey. Then I spent one night at a nice hotel (with a KING sized bed!) before my flight the next day. The hotel was so relaxing and was nice to get needed rest before the crazy flights the next day.

10842357_10205744635043445_1735265305743436137_o 10847595_10205744634843440_5823362414153864722_o

The next day, my 7 1/2 hour flight left at 6pm from Newark and I landed in Frankfurt, Germany the around 8 in the morning German time. I didn’t get a bit of sleep but it was a really great flight! The guy next to me was sleeping while American Horror Story was playing on his tablet, so I got to watch my favorite show from the subtitles.

541639_10205768471359338_120580811511857538_nThe Frankfurt airport was one of the largest airports I have ever seen. I had to carry my giant duffel bag and my 40 lb huge backpack from the end of the airport to the other side..about a mile. Like geeze louise. Once I finally made it to my gate, I plopped down at the café. God bless the man behind the counter working because my credit card (that I got specifically for studying abroad) apparently doesn’t work many places in Europe. I didn’t know this until he had already made my panini and my coffee. So, I had to walk all the way to an atm to take out euros. He was really nice about it but when I sat down, I had my first experience being the dumb American. The lady behind me in line giggled with the man and the only word I understood was “American”.

After I recharged at the café, I carried my bags back to the gate my plane was leaving from and met my first friend! Krystal walked on over to me and introduced herself and from there we talked for a few hours until our flight to Linz. She’s a cute little Texan who is so excited when it snows. Austria’s cold has been nothing compared to Kirksville so far, so I have been pretty comfortable every day.

The flight to Linz was only an hour long so it wasn’t too bad but I was so tired from the traveling that I felt pretty sick the whole time. There was also a crying baby on the plane too so that wasn’t cool. But I was too excited to finally be traveling in Europe that I didn’t care all that much.

When we arrived in Linz, Krystal and my mentor, Kara, met us at the airport and piled all our luggage in her tiny little car. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and has dedicated a lot of time to helping us around. I would have been completely lost without her. The country side outside of Linz that I saw on my way looked a lot like home. Lots of farm land! Once inside the city however, you see the old architecture of the downtown and the tall hills are surrounding us. I’m not sure I will ever want to leave!


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