What are school after too month vacay?!?!

Yes everyone, after an extended Christmas break, I do in fact go to class. The week after I first arrived here in February, I was in an intensive German class. We met every day for three hours and learned very basic German. In March actual classes began! I am enrolled in International Business, Cultural Marketing, German as a Foreign Language, Current Issues in International Management, Culture and Language Policies in the EU, and Work Psychology!

Classes are much different here than in the USA. Most classes are only scheduled once a week. Some, for example work psychology, meet once every other week. Some do not last the entire semester and instead will meet once every week and then end in late May. My semester will last through June 30th.

On the first day of classes, if for some reason you can’t make it to the first day, you will be automatically kicked out of the class. Attendance in class is mandatory. In the US it is normal to skip class if you snoozed your alarm too many times. At JKU, it is a big big deal.

I did not have to spend hundreds of dollars on books this semester like in the United States. Here, you have to buy a “reader” which is just a huge stack of loose leaf paper which is just copied pages of books. I felt like I hit the jackpot because the readers only cost 15 euro. Thats a steal compared to the 250 dollars I paid for my Spanish textbook back at Truman.

The most different thing about classes here though is that at the end of class once the professor has adjourned, everyone KNOCKS on the desk. I really like it because it shows the professor that you appreciate them. But the first time people did that in my classes I was just taken aback! Like what in the world is happening.

All in all, I very much enjoy my classes so far. I either know everyone in my classes or I have quite a few friends in every one. My professors are so enthusiastic about the subject they are teaching! When you have kind and enthusiastic professors who care about you, it isn’t hard to want to try hard for them. Sounds nerdy but I really like them all so far!

PROOF that I go to class and don’t just drink beer:

On a side note…

JULIA IS FLYING ALL THE WAY FROM FINLAND TO SPEND THE WEEKEND WITH ME!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the Finnish Freak in action. And snuggle.

Very excited to be making more memories with this gem. Goes to show you that when you really love someone, distance doesn’t matter. As soon as you are together again, it is like nothing has changed.


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