Traveling Doesn’t Make You A Better Person: What Our Generation Gets Completely Wrong About Travel

Really thought provoking.

Thought Catalog

Leo HidalgoLeo Hidalgo

I remember discussing personal growth with a friend one day—someone I respected and admired—and gushing about how important traveling is to finding ourselves, when she told me the most outrageous thing:

“I think people make too much of a fuss over traveling. I mean, I do love traveling. But I don’t think that it is always the best way to grow.”

At that moment, such an unwelcome notion was downright scandalous for me. My friend was an artist with a creative and curious mind—how on earth could she say that? What could be better for personal growth than getting to know other places, cultures, people, other forms of art? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

Well, it took me a while, but I finally understand what she meant. And I’m glad she gave it some thought before jumping on that attractive but shallow bandwagon. Now, even…

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